We love a good identity crisis.

There is a reason why our clients often refer to us as teachers. It is because we take the time to explain the foundations and principles behind the design decisions we make and the strategies we present. Here is a little taste of the instructional way we approach logo, identity and brand development (don't worry, there won't be a test)...

The terms logo, identity and brand are at times thought of as equals (when in reality each is a different entity). The best way to visualize this is to use a very simplified analogy that incorporates the three items. Let's take a person for example. The person's face would be the logo, their attire would be the identity, and their personality would be the brand.

Let's break it down for your organization…

1. Logo: A logo is a clear recognizable symbol that represents your organization. It is a unique representation of who you are in the most simplest form—but at the same time the most important.

2. Identity: Your identity combines all of the visual elements that represent your organization. Your company name, logo and color palette are the most basic components of this make up. Secondary components are items such as stationery, business cards, signage, advertising and publications. All of these items should convey the same look and feel in order to achieve consistency. Consistency = recognition.

3. Brand: Your logo and identity work together towards one simple goal…creating an experience. This experience is called your brand. The brand is the overall impression of your organization as a whole. It is not so much a physical element as it is emotional. It is the thoughts and feelings that one experiences when thinking of your organization.  Brand-ING is the process of developing a perception about your organization that not only includes design as part of the process, but is also driven by elements such as naming, marketing strategy, advertising, public relations, market research, and more.

At Square Spot, we work with you through all of the processes that result in the development of your brand, but we don't leave you empty-handed.  We have learned that ultimately your ownership of your own brand is what leads to its success. That is why after we design your logo and establish your identity, we leave you with a very powerful tool...your brand book.