Creative thinking for the greater good.

We are a clever little agency with some pretty big ideas.

Chances are, you arrived at this page thanks to a friend who knows us. A person with good taste and a solid head on their shoulders. Someone who is quietly intelligent, with a friendly spirit, and quick with a smile. A person who takes the mission of the organization they work for more seriously than they take themself. Someone you can take at their word.

We do important work. Together with our clients we help to improve schools, advocate for cleaner air, create healthier communities, combat poverty, help people find jobs, and stimulate economies. But we also manage to make it fun. Not young agency foosball-in-the-lobby-at-lunch and free-beer-on-Friday fun. Grown up fun, where we get you involved in brain-bending, critical thinking, creative exercises that are controlled just carefully enough to keep us focused on your goals. We value your participation and believe that it is critical to achieving measurable long-term success. And at the end of the day, we make sure that the equation is even: that the results are worth the money paid. In other words, that we’re square.

Every day we work with our clients on meaningful projects that make us say “this is why I love my job.” Well, that and the fact that free beer and wine are not limited to Fridays.

We are Square Spot Design. It’s nice to meet you.